[Fixed]Python is not recognized as an internal or external command

Python is not recognized as an internal or external command: Python is a very simple language that anybody can easily understand and sometimes it can be used as a calculator also.Personally, I use python as a calculator on command prompt as it is always in handy.When we are using command prompt for doing many CLI operations,we can use Python interpreter also in the middle If we  really need it.

Many of us known that we can access Python Interpreter on Command Prompt.They think that we can access it by default after installing Python but it is wrong.Because we need to set the path of our python so that DOS prompt could be recognized that Python have installed.Else We might face an Error:”Python is not recognized as an internal or external command Error”. 

To access Python Interpreter On Command Prompt, All we need to do is just set or add our Python  path to the path variable of Environment variables.

How To Fix Python is not recognized as an internal or external command Error

First Go to command prompt and just type enter to check whether Python is accessible or not.


If you have got the same error then you have to go the folder where you have installed Python.Just navigate to it and copy the path of that folder.


The Final step is just right click on computer and go to properties then click on Advanced System Settings and a pop will be open then click on Environment Variables which is present at Lower Bottom.


Now search for PATH variable and double click on it to edit then  put a semicolon(;) at the last that means we are terminating the last path and then paste your Python folder path.
**Make sure that you shouldn’t put ‘;’ or ‘/’ at last of the path.Have a look at below pic.


Then finally save it and lets check


Yep !!! It works..Let me know If It doesn’t work for you…Just Comment 🙂

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