Introduction To Python Programming

Python is a general-purpose programming language which was created by Guido Van Rossum. Beginners love this programming language for its simplicity and readability. Moreover, It has been emerging as a developer’s favorite┬áprogramming language, Since It can do everything from GUI Desktop Apps to Web application development.

Is Python an interpreter or compiler?

Basically, for every programming language either interpreter or compiler must be needed to convert the source code into machine code that computer understands. The main difference between them is an interpreter parse the programming language, line by line whereas the compiler first compiles the program and then runs it.


Python is an interpreted programming language where c/c++ uses the compiler. Python performs a little bit slower than the compiler programming languages like C/C++. Despite its performance, writing code in c/c++ programming languages can be the difficult task while comparing to python. As we know that, In C programming everything needs to be declared its type. But, in python, we don’t need to declare anything. Python has the capability to understand the data type itself.

If any programming language outranks the other, then it might have the biggest user group who work for its better existence. Java and Python are the best-known programming languages for its user groups. There are so many libraries are available at pip created by the python user groups to make everything more accessible to its community.

As I said earlier, you don’t need to declare the data types in Python like C and Java. It can declare the data type itself.



In the above python code, We assigned “your name” to name variable. We didn’t declare any string data type to it.

Note: We don’t need to add (;) at the end of every statement in python. ­čÖé

Python is strongly typed programming language that means we cannot concatenate both integers and strings like Javascript. We need to ensure that variables belong to same data type before performing any operation on them.

If you observe the above code you could find that writing in python is easier than the Java and C language. If you want to fetch the same results/outputs as the above in Java/C, you need to write a lot of code that can be so messy.

What Can You Do With Python Programming Language?

Since Python is a multi-purpose programming language, It is widely using in the development of desktop applications, Web applications, Games, Web Scraping, System administration, Cyber Security, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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