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Hello everyone,  Have you ever been to Bitcoin faucet websites? If yes, you would know about the freebitco.In where you can claim some satoshis every hour.

Also, you can play multiple BTC by betting high or low.You can increase the percentage of amount after the loss or profit, it’s totally up to you. And here we have two types of betting systems

  • manual betting
  • automatic betting

In manual betting, you need to submit bet amount for every roll manually whereas, in the automatic betting system, you need to give the details like bet amount, the percentage of the amount you want to increase/decrease after a loss or profit and the number of rolls.Once you have given those details it will roll automatically for the given number of rolls.

So, Basically, everyone will go for the second option.In the meanwhile, what If you get the repeating result of losses for 20 times.Yes, It happened to me.I increased my bet by 75 percentage after every loss in my auto betting system.So that, I lost all my satoshis.

Hence, I made this calculator.

How does My Calculator work?

It asks the three Questions.

  • Your total Balance
  • Your Bet Amount
  • How much percentage of the bet do you want to increase for every profit/loss?

Now it calculates the total lives you can have by using above details.If the betAmount is greater than the balance then the program will be stopped.

def betLifes():
    bal = int(input("How Much Balance Do You Have(Satoshis): "))
    betAmount = float(input("So What Is Your BetAmount(In Satoshis): "))
    percent = int(input("How Much Percentage Of The Bet You Have To Increase: "))
    totalLifes = []
    while True:
        betAmount = (betAmount * (percent/100))+betAmount
        bal = bal - betAmount
        if betAmount > bal:
            print("Limit Reached.Now the betAmount is "+str(betAmount)+".Balance is "+str(bal))
            print("Present Bet Amount: "+str(betAmount))
            print("Present Balance: "+str(bal))
    print("Total Lifes you will have: "+str(len(totalLifes)))

If you have any suggestions/errors while running this code then please contact me.Thank you

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