5 Best Python Books For Hackers and Pentesters That You Must Read

Best Python Books For Hackers: Hello, Guys.Are you a newbie hacker or noob? Do you passionate about hacking or cyber security? Do you know how the hackers and script kiddies are differentiated?

Hacker Vs Script Kiddie

Well, Let me answer.Simply, A hacker can code the tools himself whereas kiddies always depend on others.Those kiddies are nothing without those tools.They even don’t know how stuff works.They play with others tools to hack systems and called themselves as hackers.

As they don’t know what is really happening behind the tool, they will be caught up because of their unintentional malicious activity.So don’t be a script kiddie, be a hacker.

If you ever use the hackers favorite OS “Kali Linux”.Then you will come to know that how many tools are available to do hacking.

Hacking And Python

The majority of the tools which are available in the Kali Linux are actually coded with python language only. Python and Ruby are the hackers favorite programming languages.T

he famous penetration testing tool Metasploit  and its exploits are developed with Ruby programming language whereas many NETWORk SNIFFERS OR NETWORK SCANNERS like NMAP were developed with Python.

Python is a very easy and simplest programming language. It has many libraries and modules to import which help us to accomplish our project. Unlike other programming languages like C, we don’t need to declare variables in python. Interpreter itself do those work for us.

That makes the python a favorite programming language where a beginner can read the code easily.

Some expert python developers have already developed the awesome networking modules of python which can be very easily accessible.we have so much open source code projects are also available on the Internet so that we can analyze the already existing code to make our own tools. Enough with the introduction, trust me, my intention is not to make you feel bore 😛

Note: The above rankings are totally based on my personal perspectives irrespective of their reviews on the Amazon

5 Best Python Books For Hackers and Pentesters

1.Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers

 Personally, I prefer this book to the wanna be ethical hackers.This book clearly explains that how offensive security tools work and how to code those tools yourself. TJ O’Connor, Author of the Violent Python, made this book so easy to understand for beginners also.

This book mainly focuses on the Digital Forensics with python.There is no other book that really exists in the market to explain forensics with real time python code. I have learned a lot about digital forensics with the help of this book.I strongly recommend this book.Buy Herebuy-python-books-online

2.Black Hat Python: Python Programming For Hackers and Pentester

My next preference after Violent Python book is Black Hat Python.To be honest, it is a bit outdated but you will come to know how the best hacking tools were designed with python programming language.It shows the exact blueprint or source code of the many admired hacking tools and explains you everything. To get started the coding hacking tools with rich snippets of python one would need to go through this book thoroughly.


3.Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptography and Computer Programming with Python

The Content in the above two books are almost same and they only taught us about various hacking tools and how to develop them with our own code.Hacking is not always about penetrating into other systems.And, We have to secure our own data and the process is called cryptography which means the data will be encrypted between two users or hosts etc.

Without data encryption, one can easily intrude into our network and could be read all our data.Cryptography is a long topic on securing data.This is the best book to learn cryptography from the scratch.In the end, I’m pretty sure you will be code your own algorithms If you read and UNDERSTAND this book thoroughly.Check the ratings what users feel on this book you will be felt surprised.


4.Gray Hat Python: 



5.The Hackers Guide To Python:

These are the best Python Hacking Books in the market. Since authors used some advanced topics in python like classes and methods, a beginner should have the basic knowledge in python syntax at least. For that, I have written few articles on python basics to advanced. you can refer them.

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